What is your product warranty?

We offer lifetime warranty on our products, normal wear and accidents excluded.


Why can’t I order from your site?

We believe retailers locally can better assist you in getting exactly what you want. We want to focus on getting you new and exciting new designs.


Where can I buy your beads?

Please look at our Store Locator on this website. If you have problems with the site, simply send us an email and we will be happy to assist you!


I want to purchase a retired bead. How do I do that?

Once a year we offer RRD (Retiring Retireds Day). Only on that day we allow retailers to restock on designs that left the collection over the last year. Older designs may only be found for sale in Facebook groups or for trade for other designs.


Does you silver contain nickel?

No. Our silver is at least 92.5% pure and the other 7.5% is nickel free.


I have a design I want to show you. How do I submit this to you?

Currently we do not have any job openings for designers. If we do, we will announce it on our Facebook page.


Do your beads fit on other European bead brands?

Yes they do. In fact, they fit all European bead brands and the beads from all brands also fit on our bracelet system.


What is your return policy?

Because we do not sell directly to customers, we do not have a return policy for customers. Returns are subject to the store policies of our individual retailers.


What is Retiring Retireds Day?

This is how we would describe RRD (Retiring Retireds Day): Beads retired in the year before (so for RRD 2017 it will be the beads that retired in 2016), will be offered one more time during RRD. Some glass designs may be excluded from RRD if a specific type of glass is not available anymore. Last year was the first RRD, so we also included some designs that retired longer ago. Limited editions and Everchange designs are also excluded. We will try to do RRD around the same time each year: in July.